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Franciscan Physician Network - Coolspring Health Center staff audiologists provide comprehensive hearing assessment, counseling, and rehabilitation services to infant, children, and adults. Rehabilitation services include a comprehensive inventory of communication needs, hearing instruments of all styles and digital options, assistive listening devices, hearing aid repairs, and service.

Our audiologists test hearing and, if warranted, determine what type of hearing aid technology is best suited for the patient. Today's hearing instruments contain sophisticated digital circuitry available in all models from Behind-the-Ear to In-the-Ear and even In-the-Canal models that allow more functions and features than ever before.

For individuals who are utilizing amplification for the first time an adjustment period is required. The processing centers of the brain must re-learn how to “hear” with amplification. For this reason, we offer a 30 day adjustment period. This time allows for the fine-tuning of the hearing instruments as well as counseling and rehabilitation to assure optimum performance.


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