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Sleep Disorders Center: Helping you get a better night's rest

​According to recent estimates, millions of Americans suffer from one or more type of a sleeping disorder. Some common sleep disorders include difficulty falling asleep (insomnia), excessive daytime drowsiness, sleep apnea, parasomnias, and/or restless leg syndrome. Most individuals are not aware that these disorders can create or aggravate serious medical problems, affect their productivity, and generally depress their outlook and quality of life.

The Sleep Center at Franciscan St. James Health responds to the needs of patients with sleep disorders, their families and their physicians. A specially trained and qualified staff works along with the referring physician to properly diagnose and treat a wide range of sleep disorders.


Franciscan St. James Health - Chicago Heights

Located on the 2 Central 
1423 Chicago Road
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
PH: (708) 756-1000