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Psychiatric care for senior adults in crisis

It’s frightening and frustrating to see a senior adult behave like someone completely different from the one you know and love.

What’s causing this? Is this a permanent change? 

Generations understands how trying and exhausting this time can be. Since 1993, we’ve provided short-term, inpatient care for seniors experiencing psychiatric illness or serious age-related changes in behavior — offering answers, easing fears and supporting families like yours.

Family knows best 

Our staff also instructs caregivers, friends and family to maintain progress once treatment is complete.

Serving seniors 55 and older

Located at Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health —Crawfordsville, Generations serves seniors 55 and older throughout Indiana and eastern Illinois who are experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or exhibiting inconsistent, disruptive, unpredictable or even suicidal behavior.

Such complex emotional and medical needs cannot be met by nursing homes, assisted living facilities and traditional mental health environments. Our multidisciplinary team has the experience to identify your loved one’s needs and the empathy to address them with support, respect and comfort.


Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health - Crawfordsville

Generations — Geriatric Behavioral Health
1710 Lafayette Road
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
PH: (765) 364-3175
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