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Blood glucose screening for diabetes

Diabetes in Crown Point

​Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point is committed to providing you with excellent health care in a professional, supportive atmosphere. Caring for diabetes is one of the many services we offer to assist you in managing your individual health needs.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body is unable to produce insulin or does not use it properly. For diabetics, this disease often raises an array of medical concerns and problems. Learning to live successfully with as a diabetic requires specific skills, self-care knowledge and a positive outlook.

Types of Diabetes – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Choose one of the following diabetes types for valuable information including causes, symptoms and diabetes treatment.

Should I See an Endocrinologist?

Endocrinology is the study of medicine related to the endocrine system. An endocrinologist is a specialist trained to diagnose and treat diseases associated with the glands in the endocrine system, include diabetes. Diabetics will see an endocrinologist to understand and learn how to manage their disease. Managing your diabetes is crucial to your long-term health, and may help you delay or avoid having to take medication.


Why Choose Us for Your Diabetes Care?

We are living in an era of rapid changes in understanding and the management of diabetes. New information and techniques are continually being developed. As a major, comprehensive medical center, Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point has the resources and personnel to stay at the leading edge of diabetes treatment. These early and steady accesses to accurate information and technology help our patients better manage their diabetes.

        Patients with diabetes need to be aware of their heart health.
Did you know?

Patients with diabetes need to be aware of their heart health nutrition and, in particular, controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Diabetes Care - Services/Education

Learning to live successfully with diabetes involves you as an active participant in your treatment. Through education and support, our instructors will help you to take charge of your diabetes.

The diabetes classes at Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point are a recognized program by the American Diabetes Association. Each class is instructed by a registered dietitian and a registered nurse who are also Certified Diabetes Educators. Meal planning, blood glucose monitoring, medication management, and physical activity are some of the important facets covered in the diabetes classes.

Medicare will pay for diabetes education when referred by a physician to a Certified Diabetes Education Center. Insurance benefits other than Medicare vary and must be checked by the applicant.

Diabetes Classes Are Offered Monthly

Sessions are held in the afternoon and evenings. Afternoon classes are schedule on Tuesday from 1-3 p.m. Evening classes are scheduled on Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m. Sessions generally start at the beginning of the month and run for four consecutive weeks. Please call (219) 757-6268 for further information regarding fees, dates and registration.


Additional Services for Diabetics

  • Individual appointments are also available, as needed for insulin instruction, gestational diabetes management and blood glucose monitoring. Please call (219) 757-6268 for appointments.
  • Individual dietary appointments are available. Please call (219) 757-6283 to inquire.
  • Free blood glucose screenings provided. Please call (219) 757-6268 to schedule.
  • Free sharps containers are available through the laboratory department at Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point. Insulin syringes and lancets from blood glucose testing should be disposed of in a sharps container.

For More Information

Have questions or need additional information about the Diabetes Education Center? Call (219) 757-6268.


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