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High tech radiology and diagnostic imaging to help your doctor provide hands on care

Radiology & Imaging in Dyer

High tech radiology and diagnostic imaging to help your doctor provide hands on care

Franciscan St. Margaret Health – Dyer's Department of Radiology provides comprehensive digital, diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services in order to accurately diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses and diseases. Our board certified radiologists and clinical radiology associates are equipped with the most advanced, precise technology - producing enhanced imaging and faster results for our patients.

Our Department of Radiology also utilizes...

  • Direct Capture Technology – allows for instantaneous visualization of an x-ray image and reduce exam time by a factor of four.
  • Picture Archive Communication Systems - enables physicians quick access to X-ray, images, reports and orders.

        Nuclear medicine uses imaging to see how a body part functions.

Nuclear Medicine

While CT and MRI are used to determine the appearance and structure of a particular area of the body, nuclear medicine allows physicians to observe and determine how a body part functions.

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        Interventional radiologist

Interventional Radiology

The interventional radiologists use imaging to guide them when inserting catheters, wires and other small instruments into the body. With few or no incisions, interventional radiology allows for less pain and a quicker recovery time for patients.

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        Mammography is one of our breast imaging services.

Breast Imaging & Mammography

Franciscan St. Margaret Health - Dyer offers women the most comprehensive breast imaging services, including digital mammography and breast ultrasound and MRI, to thoroughly examine the breast, find cancers quickly and help create a treatment plan. Our Breast Imaging Center is staffed with a board certified breast radiologist who performs ultrasound-guided biopsies and stereotactic procedures.

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Outpatient Center

The Outpatient Center at Franciscan St. Margaret Health - Dyer offers university level, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and treatment services. The center's highly trained physicians, nurses and technicians create a unified team focused on providing quality care in one convenient location.

  • X-ray (Digital)
  • CT
  • MRI
  • DEXA Scan (Bone Density)
  • Diagnostic & Vascular Ultrasound
  • Radiation Oncology


Radiology & Imaging Locations

Dyer - Hospital Services

(1st floor of the main hospital building)
(219) 865-2141, ext. 42006

  • X-Ray (digital), CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic & Vascular Ultrasound, Interventional Radiology

Dyer - Outpatient Center

(219) 864-7600
(708) 895-1650, ext. 47600

  • X-Ray (digital), CT, MRI, DEXA Scan, Diagnostic & Vascular Ultrasound, Radiation Oncology

For More Information

Have questions or need additional information about our Radiology or Imaging Services? Call (219) 864-7600 (Indiana) or (708) 895-1650, ext. 47600 (Illinois).


To schedule many of our Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging tests, call (219) 864-2610 or (877) 233-2774.


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