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School of Medical Technology

Franciscan St. Margaret Health - in conjunction with Franciscan Alliance, and Alverno Clinical Labs - offers a one-year internship program for Medical Technology students. The program is designed to train either 3+1 or 4+1 students who have completed all their required college prerequisites.

The curriculum consists of both didactic and laboratory sessions, with emphasis on the clinical hands-on teaching to include all areas of the laboratory. During their internship, students are expected to be in class Monday through Friday, eight hours a day. Classroom study is divided between the Hammond Campus and Alverno Clinical Labs on Inter-State Plaza, off Indianapolis Blvd., across from the Tri-State bus station. Students receive written and practical exams at frequent intervals throughout the year. Upon completion of the internship, students are expected to sit for a national board of registry exam.


The Medical Technology program is accredited by National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS). You may contact NAACLS for more information about Medical Technology at

Application and Admission

Students may either receive applications from their college counselors, the director of the program at Franciscan St. Margaret, or download here.

Once completed, applications are sent back to the director of the Medical Technology program. Applications must be received before Dec. 1 of each year. Official transcripts, letters of intent and the application fee must be sent along with the application. Personal interviews are conducted with each viable candidate and are usually scheduled after the application packet has been received by the director. Interviews are conducted from October through the middle of December.

Once a candidate has completed all the required elements for admission, they will be scored on both academic and non-academic information gathered from all the requested materials and the interivew. The scoring will be weighted in the following manner: Academic criteria will count for approximately 50% of the total score. Non-academic criteria, including the interview, the letter of intent and related job experience, will account for the other 50%.

Acceptable students will be ranked in order of total scores with the six highest-scoring candidates being offered the first six positions. All other acceptable candidates will be placed on an alternate list and may be accepted if any of the first six candidates declines a position. In cases of a tie between two candidates, demographics and the interview process may be used as the tiebreaker.

In order to apply, candidates should have both a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 and a science GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Typically, six students are chosen every year to begin the internship. Candidates are notified of their acceptance in early January of the year they are to begin the internship. Classes normally begin in August and run through the following June.


Program Resources

For more information, call (219) 932-2300, ext. 34199.

3 + 1 Affiliations

Currently, Franciscan St. Margaret's Medical Technology program is affiliated with the following colleges in order to take 3+1 students:

  • Ball State University
    Muncie, IN
  • Indiana State University
    Terre Haute, IN
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • St. Joseph's College
    Rensselaer, IN
  • Purdue University Calumet
    Hammond, IN
  • Purdue University
    West Lafayette, IN
  • Eastern Illinois University
    Charleston, IL
  • Manchester University
    West Manchester, IN
  • University of St. Francis
    Joliet, IL