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cancer center indianapolis

Next-generation cancer treatment and research

Everything we do centers around helping our patients beat cancer and maximize the quality of their life during treatment and beyond. 

Your personalized care plan is uniquely designed to provide you with the best possible cancer treatment available today, while at the same time reducing side effects and allowing you to spend less time in treatment, in the hospital or traveling to physician offices

This unique combination of medical excellence and compassion has made the Franciscan St. Francis Health Cancer Center the region’s choice for cancer care. Call (317) 528-1420 for more information.​



Second Opinion Clinic

Looking for a second opinion? Look no further. When you are told you have cancer, your world goes into free-fall. It is important you become aware of all your treatment options. At our second opinion clinic, our team of nationally recognized cancer experts offer consultations for patients who want to confirm their diagnosis and ensure they are receiving the most advanced treatment available, including research trials.



Our research program is discovering unique treatments, unique to you


As one of the largest research programs in the state, our team of experts helps create, test and improve the cancer treatments of tomorrow. We participate in many research studies and clinical trials available nowhere else in the state. This gives us access to the newest drugs and therapies offering patients the most advanced treatment options.​ 

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We are redefining the surgical treatment of cancer


​At Franciscan St. Francis Health our surgeons are national leaders in the treatment of cancer using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. From da Vinci robotics to Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM), we are at the forefront of next-generation surgery. In some cases, cancer can be removed using one incision – or even no incision. ​

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