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Heart attack care

When a Heart Attack Strikes, Trust Indy’s Only Total Heart Care Hospital 

At the Franciscan St. Francis Heart Center in Indianapolis, we want to make sure you have the best chance of surviving a heart attack. We offer the most comprehensive heart care in South Central Indiana.

As the only hospital in South Central Indiana to offer total heart care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Franciscan St. Francis Health-Indianapolis has become a model in comprehensive heart care.

Franciscan St. Francis Health has revolutionized heart attack care with its emergency heart attack team and is ranked top two percent in the nation for overall heart care by Healthgrades (2014-2015).   

If you come to us with a heart emergency, you don't have to worry about getting transferred to another facility, which sometimes happens at other area hospitals. That means life-saving treatment can start without delay.

But being the leader in total heart care for South Central Indiana means even more than leading the way in emergency heart treatment. Our team has one of the best rankings for successful outcomes in Indiana, so you’ll know your heart is in the right place.

Assess your risk of heart attack. Call 1-877-888-1777 and schedule a Heart Scan for just $49.​

heart attack indianapolis  

Signs and Symptoms

Recognizing and treating a heart attack right away improves your chance for survival. The typical adult waits two hours before calling for help.
Recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack and reacting quickly are crucial to saving lives. Call 911 if you feel:

Typical signs and symptoms:

  • Crushing pain, discomfort, pressure or feeling of fullness or squeezing in the chest
  • Discomfort in one or both arms, back, neck or jaw
  • Shortness of breath, sudden abnormal sweating or dizziness

Atypical signs and symptoms:

  • Fatigue or sudden weakness (especially for female or diabetic patients)
  • Nausea, lightheadedness
  • Upper abdominal pain

Did you know?

Recognizing and treating a heart attack right away improves your chance for survival. The typical adult waits two hours before calling for help.

Commitment to Excellence

Franciscan St. Francis-Indianapolis, the first hospital in greater Indianapolis to be accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers for exceeding quality-of- care measures in acute cardiac medicine, recently received a renewed three-year accreditation as a Chest Pain Center.

 Accreditation by the Society of Chest Pain Centers means that you can be confident that our Emergency and Cardiac departments have the right specialists, processes and equipment in place to provide the highest level of care for patients experiencing chest pain.




Franciscan St. Francis Health - Indianapolis

Main Entrance & Emergency
8111 S. Emerson Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46237


Know Your Heart Attack Risk Factors

  • Increasing age
  • Diabetes
  • Family history of coronary artery disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Too much fat in your diet
  • Unhealthy cholesterol levels
  • Chronic kidney disease

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