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Neurology and Neurosurgery in Indianapolis

Making your neurology care convenient

When you or a loved one is facing a disease or disorder of the brain, spine or nerves, you will appreciate Franciscan St. Francis Health Neurosciences Center’s compassionate, welcoming environment.

The Franciscan St. Francis Health Neurosciences Center is a health care leader in central Indiana, serving patients of all ages. Our physicians and staff work together to coordinate and deliver the diagnostic and therapeutic services you need.

From one convenient location, Franciscan St. Francis Health Neurosciences Center offers these services:

Making your care convenient

When you have a neurological or spinal condition, you may require medical attention from a number of specialists. This process can be tiring, time-consuming and challenging – for you and your family.

To make medical care more accessible and convenient, Franciscan St. Francis Health Neurosciences Center takes a “multidisciplinary” approach. All medical services take place in one central location, on the third floor of the 8051 S. Emerson Ave. Medical Office Building at the Franciscan St. Francis Health-Indianapolis hospital campus. When you come to Franciscan St. Francis Health, you don’t have to travel to appointments at different locations on different dates and times.

Here, our staff and physicians work together to coordinate optimal, efficient care for every patient. This reduces some of the anxiety and frustration related to treatment, so you can focus instead on recovery and wellness.​