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Spine Care in Indianapolis


Spine Triage Center 

Call (317) 528-BACK 

Appointments within 24-48 hours

Is your back holding you back? When a problem flares up, you want to see the right doctor, right away. To save you both time and the expense of searching for relief, the Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Triage Center will screen your condition over the phone, then guide you to a specialist on our team for prompt treatment.  

If you are suffering from a sudden onset of acute spine pain, trust the experienced specialists at Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Triage Center for the kind of support you need. In one convenient location, you have access to a collaborative team of experts in spine management, ready to provide the right treatment, right away, no referral necessary (please verify with your insurance company). It’s the kind of comprehensive care that can help you leave the pain behind and return to all the things you love in life.​

Spine management and rehabilitation services

Chronic ongoing, long-term pain is a condition that affects as many as 50 million Americans. Whether your pain is acute or chronic and is the result of a specific injury, or is due to some other cause, you may be looking for pain management in a trusted and qualified setting.  ​​

How Our Spine Doctors and Staff Can Help

The Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Center is a multi-disciplinary center dedicated to providing patients who are suffering from acute and chronic painful conditions the best care available. Approaches may include interventional procedures, pharmacology, spinal stimulators, pain pumps, EMG/nerve conduction testing, as well as other noninvasive treatments and therapies.
Our Spine Center focuses on more than just medication-based pain management. Our comprehensive program addresses the whole patient – body, mind and spirit. Patients can be referred for massage therapy, acupuncuture or stress relief counseling.
The physicians at Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Center are board-certified specialists in advanced pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation. They are aided by advanced practice providers (NPs, CNS) and specially trained clinical registered nurses.


Acute and Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain can last weeks, months, even years and could be the result of an injury, a chronic disease, such as arthritis, or may not have an obvious cause.

The types of pain that are treated in our spine center for pain management include:

The advanced pain management services at Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Center are closely linked to other medical treatment centers including occupational therapy, physical therapy, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and behavioral health services.

Physicians: Referrals to the Franciscan St. Francis Spine Center

Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Center is a physician referral-based center. Referrals are accepted from primary care physicians and specialists and can be made for evaluation and treatment or for specific procedural care.

If you would like to improve your quality of life and increase function, have your physician contact Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Center.


Franciscan St. Francis Health Spine Center

  • Phone: (317) 528-8494
  • Fax: (317) 528-7118

Franciscan Physician Network Spine Specialists (Drs. Nordmann, Cottrell and Strock)

​ ​​​​


Franciscan St. Francis -Spine Center

8051 S. Emerson Ave.,      Suite 360
Indianapolis, IN 46237
PH: (317) 528-8494
Fax: (317) 528-6008
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Franciscan Physician Network Spine Specialists 

Drs. Dan Nordmann, Erika Cottrell and Gregory Strock

Advanced Practice Providers:

    Brenda Ansel, RN, ACNS
    Beverly Tempel, NP 





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