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Caring for our littlest patients

If your newborn needs specialized care, you can be assured he or she will receive the most advanced treatment possible at Franciscan St. Francis Health. Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at our Indianapolis hospital serves both the Indianapolis and Mooresville campuses.
The goal of our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is to help newborns and their families be restored to physical, spiritual and emotional health.

NICU indianapolis  

It’s important for families to spend time together. So the staff of the Franciscan St. Francis NICU encourages “together time” between parents and infants. We promote “skin to skin” (kangaroo) care. Based on your infant’s individual needs, our skilled and experienced nurses will teach you techniques you can use to be involved in your baby’s care.

Room-In Together

The Franciscan St. Francis NICU also offers a unique service to increase parents’ confidence and ease the transition from the hospital to home (based on room availability). Near the end of the infant’s stay in our NICU, parents and their infant may “room-in” together. Parents occupy a room adjacent to the NICU to learn to confidently care for their baby. During this time, the baby and parent stay in this room around the clock and have full nursing support.

Virtual Visitation  

Allows siblings and out-of-town relatives to “visit” their new family member. By making an appointment with the NICU at least one day in advance, we arrange a virtual visit where Mom can introduce the baby and explain what they are seeing.  

Txt 4 u  

A a way to keep informed and involved in your baby’s care. Just sign up and have your number tested before leaving.Txt 4 u updates from our NICU are confidential and brief.


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