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Rehabilitation in Lafayette

Helping you regain your independence through rehabilitation

The St. Elizabeth Inpatient Rehabilitation Center is a nationally accredited, comprehensive rehabilitation facility located on the fourth floor of St. Elizabeth Central. The center accepts patients from adolescent through adult who have difficulty performing daily living activities, walking or moving about, talking, understanding or coping due to illness or injury.

Helping you regain independence

The Inpatient Rehabilitation program features 24/7 daily physician oversight. Our goal is to assist you in achieving your highest level of independence.

About the Rehabilitation Center

Since January 1994, The St. Elizabeth Rehabilitation Center has served the needs of people with physical and/or cognitive impairments requiring a stay in the hospital.

Featured amenities include:

  • 18 private rooms;
  • a spacious physical and occupational therapy gym;
  • practice kitchen;
  • separate areas for speech therapy; and
  • a multi-use dining area.

State-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment is available at the St. Elizabeth Inpatient Rehabilitation Center.

  • Bioness
  • Saeboflex
  • Motomed
  • Wheelchair clinic
  • Graphic lite gait
  • Low vision program
  • Balance/vestibular program

A retired truck driver and father of two, Michael Marion woke up the morning of March 26, 2009 and got in the shower as usual, but something wasn’t quite right. He noticed his left arm was “not working right.” He called his sister, a nurse, and she said “get to the hospital right away – you’re having a stroke.”

A CT scan and MRI in the Emergency Department confirmed he had in fact suffered a stroke.

Visits from friends and family members are good therapy! Visiting hours are evenings and non-therapy times. Our primary concern is that such visits do not interfere with therapy sessions or other regular routines.

We do request that family members who will be involved in your caregiving become involved in your therapies so they can better understand and participate in your recovery.

We strongly encourage you to involve all children, regardless of age, in visiting. However, there may be times when it will be necessary to limit the number of visitors. We do ask that small children not be taken to the therapy gym, as they may create a hazard for some of our patients who have difficulty walking.

A physiatrist, or rehabilitation physician, is a medical doctor who is specially trained in rehabilitation. Physiatrists are nerve, muscle and bone experts who treat injuries or illnesses that affect how you move. Their goal is to reduce pain and restore quality of life without surgery.

Physiatrists complete 4 or more years of additional medical training in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R).


Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health - Lafayette Central

Inpatient Rehabilitation Center
1501 Hartford St., 4th Floor
Lafayette, IN 47904
PH: (765) 423-6780
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Hours: 24/7