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Franciscan Alliance Patients Billing & Insurance
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Our billing process

After you or your dependent receives care at Franciscan Alliance, we will send a claim to your insurance company to pay your bill. We will do everything we can do to minimize your financial burden by maximizing your insurance benefits. It is common to have questions about the billing process, and we are here to help.

Common questions about paying your bill

Where can I pay my bill?
When will I receive a bill?
Do you accept credit cards or offer payment plans?
Do you offer payment plans?
Can I pay a little now and the rest later?
What if I can't pay/don't have the money/can't afford to pay my bill?


After your hospital stay, you will likely receive separate billing statements from each health care service that was provided. For example, you will receive a bill from the hospital itself and a separate bill from your physician. If you had anesthesia, you will receive another bill from the anesthetist. And so on.